About MootingNet

What is MootingNet?
MootingNet began life in 1995 as a written project produced by two student mooters, Kevin Calder and Shameer Sacranie. At the time there were no mooting books in print, and the mooters felt that a user friendly, clear and straightforward guide would be useful to help mooters get over any initial nerves, and could help other budding advocates improve their skills.

The first pages of MootingNet were put on-line in October 1997, and since then the pages have grown in both number and popularity. Today there are over 50 pages.

MootingNet is accessed by law students and academics from all around the United Kingdom. We have even dealt with enquiries from mooters world wide from Malaysia to Mauritius!

Contacting MootingNet
You can contact the maintainers of MootingNet by emailing info@mooting.net. The postal address for MootingNet is available on request.

MootingNet is pleased to receive all comments and contributions, and is always on the look out for new mooting problems.

MootingNet is grateful for the comments, support and contributions provided by a number of UK academics, and those involved in running mooting competitions.

Terms of use
Please note the terms of use of MootingNet, including a copyright notice and disclaimer.

Many of the materials available from MootingNet can be freely copied, subject to certain restrictions. Please see the relevant pages for further details, or email us with any queries. If in doubt, please ask first!

You are welcome to add a link from your web site to MootingNet - in fact we encourage it! Please link to www.mooting.net.

Thank you for visiting MootingNet, and if you are going to be involved in a moot, the very best of luck!

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