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  1. Definitions
    In this notice the following definitions shall apply:

    'Pages' means all information contained within the MootingNet web site from time to time, including without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing all textual, audio and graphical data, and also includes all email communication relating to any such information;

    'Services' means any services, competitions or offers provided through the Pages;

    'MootingNet' means those responsible for maintaining the content of the Pages from time to time.

    These terms of use may be amended from time to time and the amendments shall apply following their being made available as part of the Pages.

  2. Applicable law
    The Pages are based in England, and their contents are therefore to be regulated under English law, and English courts are to have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes involving the Pages.

  3. Disclaimer
    The Pages and Services are provided 'as is', and neither MootingNet nor any other person or organisation gives any warranty, express or implied regarding their contents. Although reasonable efforts will be made to provide a useful and reliable service, MootingNet disclaims to the fullest extent permissible by law all responsibility for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever and howsoever caused resulting from any information given or omitted in the Pages or Services.

    MootingNet does not give legal advice.

    No responsibility can be taken for the content of any files outside the control of MootingNet which are hyperlinked to the Pages.

    Without prejudice to the generality of the above disclaimer, the use of 'Last updated' or similar details on various sections of these Pages is not intended to give any warranty that the information provided was fully accurate on the date given. It is provided only as an indication of the last date on which the text which makes up the page was edited.

    MootingNet is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of material downloaded, copied or pasted from the Pages.

  4. Copyright
    Unless otherwise stated, all material contained in the Pages is copyright © MootingNet 1996-2011, and may not be republished in any form without the express consent of the authors who can be contacted via the electronic mail address below.

    All hypertext markup language code, Javascript, and any other programming, layout and design features of these Pages are copyright © MootingNet 1996-2011 unless otherwise stated within the pages, or in the source code.

    All intellectual property rights subsisting in the Pages are reserved, save that copies of the Pages may be stored on a local computer on a temporary basis solely for the purpose of reading the Pages with internet browser software.

    Logo and product images which are trade marks belonging to third parties may from time to time appear on the Pages. 'Microsoft Windows', 'Microsoft Works' and 'Internet Explorer' are all trade marks of the Microsoft Corporation. 'Adobe Acrobat Reader' and 'Portable Document Format' are trade marks of Adobe Inc. Other product and company names may also be trade marks of their respective owners.

    Where results text or other information is supplied to MootingNet for inclusion in the Pages, the individual supplying such material licences MootingNet to use such material as part of the Pages and warrants that they are able to grant such a licence to MootingNet.

    Nothing on the Pages is intended to infringe any English or international intellectual property rights, and any material which does so in any way will be removed permanently on request.

  5. Optimal use
    The Pages are designed for use in the United Kingdom, by readers using Microsoft Internet Explorer software, or any other compatible browser package.

    Parts of the Pages may not function correctly on other browser software, and some sections may not be applicable to readers who are outside the United Kingdom.

    Any legal statements made through the Pages or Services are based solely on the laws applicable to England.

  6. Use of email and feedback forms
    Users should note that the internet is an inherently insecure medium, and sending an email is no guarantee of successful delivery. Care should be taken to ensure that the contents of an email are not sensitive or confidential, since MootingNet can take no responsibility for emails which are lost, delayed, or misdelivered.

  7. Data protection
    Information collected by MootingNet through these Pages is held by an individual member (whose details are available on request) for personal, non-commercial recreational use. Data collected may be used for contacting individuals regarding MootingNet services, or for advice or information as requested at the time the information is provided.

    MootingNet collects information about those browsing the Pages through a third party,, which includes details of the domain of the individual accessing the Pages. This information does not include email addresses or any other information allowing an individual to be identified.

  8. Search tools
    The MootingNet search page is provided courtesy of a third party FreeFind, and MootingNet can therefore take no responsibility for the contents of the search page.

    Users should note that the search engine's database of pages is updated less frequently than the Pages themselves, meaning that recent changes or additions to the Pages will not appear in search results until up to a month later.

  9. Right to discontinue services
    MootingNet reserves the right to remove or suspend any of its Pages or Services without notice.

  10. Complaints procedure
    If there are any queries or complaints about the content of the Pages, please contact in the first instance MootingNet by email at the following address:

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