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  • Important Notes
    Mooting Net documentation is copyright. However, the forms available below may be reproduced subject to the following conditions:

    • They are not altered in any way by using computer software, and the Mooting Net logo and web address are not altered, obscured or removed
    • They are not exploited for commercial or financial gain
    Please note that the MootingNet terms of use including a disclaimer and copyright notice apply to these pages, but in the event of conflict, the above prevails.

    How to use the forms / how to view PDF and JPEG files
    Mooting documentation is provided in two formats:

    1. Portable Data Format (.PDF) - recommended - which can be viewed online (in some browsers) and printed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Copies of this are available free from Adobe's web site, and further instructions on downloading/printing PDF files are available here. The PDF forms require the fonts Times New Roman and Arial to be installed on your system.

    2. JIFF JPEG graphic format (.JPG) - please note that owing to a resolution problem in most browser software the JPEG files will not print in their correct A4 size directly from internet browsers. The files should be saved to disk and printed from a graphics package, which should produce a clear A4 copy of the form. The files may take some time to download. Tips on the use of JPEG files are available here.
    If the above causes problems, documentation is also available by post.

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    The forms...

    This section includes the following typical mooting documentation as PDF or JPEG files:

    Introduction to mooting v.2.6 download as a PDF or JPEG file
    A brief help guide for those new to mooting. Organisers can distribute this to mooters who may not all have access to books on the subject. It also has space for mooting organisers to add their contact names and numbers.

    An example of the content from an previous version of the form is available here.

    Mooting rules v1.3 download as a PDF or JPEG file
    An example set of short form mooting rules. Mooting rules do not tend to vary enormously, and something similar to these rules provides the basis of most moots.

    An example of the content from an earlier version is available here.

    Two alternative examples of mooting rules:

    Citation sheet v.1.4 download as a PDF or JPEG file
    It is easier for both mooting officers and mooters if a citation sheet is provided for mooters to list the cases, statutes, books and articles which they intend to rely on.

    Moot details v1.3 download as a PDF or JPEG file
    A convenient way for organisers to notify the mooters of the time, date and opposition details of a forthcoming moot.

    How to use the form, and more information on it is available here.

    Information for judges v1.3 download as a PDF or JPEG file
    The judges should not be left in the dark. Many, particularly first time judges, will want to know more. This sheet, to be distributed by organisers with a copy of the moot problem, may answer some of their questions.

    How to use the form, and more information on it is available here.

    Competition planner v1.3 download as a PDF or JPEG file
    A useful form for mooting organisers to use to keep track of the teams in a three round mooting competition.

    Citation bookmarks v1.0 download as a PDF or JPEG file
    You asked us for them - some cut out bookmarks to let the judge or court clerk know which case in the pile of law reports is where.

    Additional forms
    A further selection of mooting forms, taken from the ESU Observer Lovell White Durrant National Mooting Competition handbook, are available as PDF files here.

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    Printing Problems?
    Mooting Net offer a free service for those who have printing problems, or no access to appropriate software to get a hard copy of Mooting Net forms. We will send you by post hard copies of any of the above forms you require.

    An application form and the terms of this offer are here.

    We no longer offer documents in word processing formats, since owing to the complexity of the documents it was impossible to guarantee consistency using different printer drivers.

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    Any Amendments?
    Mooting Net is pleased to offer tailor made forms. If possible, we will amend any of the above forms to suit your requirements, and email you a copy of the result. To take advantage of this free service, email us at the address below.

    Suggestions of amendments which would be useful to everyone are always welcome.

    Form updates
    We provide a free email service to let you know when new forms are available, or when there are significant updates to existing forms. Simply fill in your details here.

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