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  • This is where we try to keep you up to date with the latest mooting developments and the results of competitions at both national and local levels. If you know some mooting news we don't, or want to publicise your moot free of charge - email us.


    Results 2011-12 mooting season

    • The 2012 FDI Moot (Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot) is looking for participants. The orals (4 preliminary round hearings, quarters, semis, final and 3rd place matches for teams that advance) will be held in Boston, 2-4 November 2012 at Suffolk University School of Law. The FDI Moot involves a hypothetical case in connection with an investment by a private investor in a host state outside the US. This year's case involves ICSID annulment proceedings. You can find more information about the 2012 competition and details of how to register here.

    Results 2010-11 mooting season

    Results 2009-10 mooting season

    Results: 2008-9 mooting season Results: 2007-8 mooting season
    • OUP and BPP National Mooting Competition - entry for the OUP / BPP competition closes on 12 October. The final of the OUP and BPP National Mooting Competition 2007-2008 will take place at BPP Holborn on the evening of Monday 30 June 2008. Total prize money of 2,200 is on offer.

      Following 8 months of intense competition the final four teams, out of a record breaking starting line-up of 61, are: City University, the University of Reading, Birmingham City University, and the University of Cambridge.

      The judge will be His Honour Judge Gratwicke of Chelmsford Crown Court. HHJ Gratwicke presided over the final in 2006-2007.

    • London University Mooting Shield - University College London came out on top in the final of the London University Mooting Shield, held on 22 April 2008. The mooting problem related to noisy neighbours. UCL narrowly beat Kings College London in the final.
    Results: 2006-7 mooting season
    • OUP National Mooting Competition - James Chapman and Andrew Hilland of Oxford University won the 2007 final of the OUP competition, which was hosted on Thursday 5th July by BPP at their Law School in London (Holborn) in a mock court room. In addition to the prize money on offer, the winners of the competition were given a tour of BPP’s Pro Bono Centre and the opportunity to participate in pro bono projects. More details are available on the OUP website.

    Results: 2005-6 mooting season

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