Time for a new MootingNet - can you help run the site?

MootingNet was set up in 1995. That's an awfully long time ago. The content of the site has been updated but the design hasn't had a full refresh since then. And it shows!

It is a long time since the mooters who originally set up the site last successfully fought their own moot, and it would be great to find some new moot enthusiasts to take the site forward.

We are interested to hear from anyone who would like to contribute, whether you would like to take over running the whole site (and that would be great!), or just want to add some new content.

No technical skills are needed, only enthusiasm for mooting.

MootingNet has proved a great resource for mooters over two decades - it would be brilliant if it can continue to do so for years to come.

Please send us an email to
info@mooting.net, and we will be in touch.

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